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Twitter: What It Takes To Get ReTweets


A Friend Recently Asked Me

I’m wondering if busy people are really busy, how do they find time to tweet, and so then it must be they’re not soooo busy, but in that case why is it that when you RT @ them they don’t RT back? Are they busy or not? I just hate when I RT them and they don’t RT or reply back, any ideas as to how that works? Do I also have to be as important as them in order to get RT’d?

My Thoughts

Very busy people are busy with the things they do best. They choose how to be most effective and stick to those tasks. Tweeting falls in such a category, since each Tweet may go out to 1000s, or even 100,000+ followers. Conversely, when you RT or @ someone, it’s a one-person one-time response, only worth their busy time when you’re interesting enough to pass onto their followers. (Note: Many “major” Tweeters rarely even check responses).

From a marketing perspective, the proof to how interesting you are is directly proportionate to how fast you rack up new followers – and keep old ones. It’s tough grabbing attention, but at least when you do increase your followership, by say 10% in a single week, you KNOW you’re doing something right, and you should endeavor to repeat whatever you did to inspire that.

Sometimes you will experience a random spurt of followers, only to be disappointed a few days later when they all leave you. Welcome to Twitter! People WILL leave you. The objective though is to be gaining followers much faster than you lose them.

Twitter accounts that have something to the effect of 5 million followers are rarely due to the value they provide, but rather the name that the account boasts. It’s like why we buy brand names, just because, they’re brand names!

Additionally, just because people do not ReTweet you or respond to you, does not mean that they don’t appreciate your thoughts. I guess it’s social etiquette, or lack thereof. (Some people don’t respond to email either. It annoys me, but that’s life).

So what does it take to rack up a fan club?

The Objective

a) Be interesting! Everyone knows just by glancing at your Twitter page whether you’re interesting enough to follow. There are millions of people on Twitter and everyone is looking for something different. The best leading Tweeters are the ones who provide value and insights to their followers.

b) Interact with your audience. Get to know them and respond to their questions. Develop a relationship with them and provide them with additional value. Respond when YOU think THEY were interesting. Not everyone will reciprocate the favor, but many will. It’s simple etiquette: If they say something nice, say something nice back!

c) Be yourself! Although it’s important to provide value to your followers, you should never get lost trying to be like everyone else. Just tell them what you found interesting, in a most interesting way. As the saying goes: “Tweet like nobody’s following!”

Happy Tweeting!