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Questions for Mr. Market

Is this the beginning of a multi-year Bear Market?

If No… (Bull-continuum)

Are we going to see a continued trend with further highs (consider it) or sideways motions (forget it)?

If continued trend, will this be a sacrifice on the dollar (get out) or a genuine rally (buying op)?

If its a genuine rally will the rally be in line with previous profits (strong economy) or will it be primarily speculative (hopeful economy)?

If it remains healthy, will we have the opportunity to buy at better valuations?

If it becomes speculative, will we increase our short positions in preparation for a larger decline?

If Yes… (Bear-reversal)

Will there be a bounce this week before heading lower (cover shorts) or will this week see continued selling (hold shorts)?

If the markets head lower, will their fall be relative to the dollar (wait to buy gold) or will it be beneficial for the dollar (buy)?

If the fall is relative to the dollar, will it break key support or not?

If the economy heads into recession by year end, will this put downward pressure on the commodities (deflation) or will we see a panic into physical goods (inflation)?

If the dollar breaks below 80 and the economy freezes, will the Fed lower interest rates (inflation)?

If the Fed does lower, will this have a negative impact on the future in the event the economy continues to worsen?

If the dollar breaks below 80 and the economy heads into recession and interest rates don’t fall, could gold still outperform the dollar?

If gold does not outperform due to lack of investor interest, may silver nevertheless outperform gold?

I Can’t Help But Wonder…

Ford Reconsiders Electric Car“. It still amazes me how such large and (once) dominant corporations miss the greatest opportunities. Bill Gates predicted that one day we’ll be selling music online, but then lost the market to Apple’s iTunes. Where have they been?

Funny how when you buy value while dollar-cost-averaging you want whatever it is you are buying to go up and down at the same time. Better to trust your instincts that your purchase is correct and just keep buying for as low as possible.

It’s not inflation and deflation of assets that makes things so complicated. It’s the dollar. So you might as well just get rid of the dollar altogether and only deal with real inflation, no?

With all the hype surrounding Apple and no pizazz whatsoever involving Microsoft, wouldn’t a spread between the two stocks sound like a good idea?

Will this bubble slowly deflate like a bad tire, or will it pop like “OMG WTF just happened to all my money!”?

Will silver be following suit with nickel, when large institutions attempted to corner the market through hoarding the metal and watching prices rise as demand was not met? If it is, “Watch out longs”.

Thoughts and Questions…

You know that feeling you get when you get pulled over? Bond Rating companies like Moody’s and S&P may be feeling it.

It’s official: The Media is a lagging indicator.

Many analysts are now calling for a correction in the stock market. Are you a fundamentalist or contrarian? That’s a tough one.

Falling Bonds… BOE raises rates… debt harder to come by… the flow of liquidity ebbs.

The news no Apple shareholder wants to see.

Could the panics caused by stock market gales of old now be revived amidst the speculation seen in the highly-leveraged derivative markets?


Just a few Questions?

What if investors’ decided to stay solvent longer than markets would remain irrational?

Did JetBlue (JBLU) throw away the one thing that they did better than everyone else? Costumer service?

Will the Justice Department throw out the XM Satellite Radio (XMSR) and Sirius (SIRI) merger the way they threw out EchoStar and DirecTV?

With so many investors buying into the market with short term gains intended, will they remember to get out in time?

Do we buy some more Gold now as an investment for the long run, or wait a little bit and save a few dollars?

With the World population set to double by 2050, what energy will be most adequate to supply us all?

Why are junk bonds are only paying out 2.6 percentage points more than Treasuries?

Did you know Silver is not taxable?