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Your Goal In Life


Your goal in life is to achieve that which you were not wired to achieve.

People go day by day, consciously or otherwise, in a fervent search. It’s a search for purpose, although not everyone shares the same purpose, and sometimes our differences are dramatic, even clashing.

But to live on purpose, with a sense of knowing who you are, what you are doing here and being good at it is something we all strive for.

Everyone Has Their Own Wiring

Each of us has our own unique and specialty that makes us different, however slightly, from the person next to us. And when we use the word “wiring” we mean that everything from our expression, to the way we process information, to how we make our decisions, to how we implement those decisions, to the views and values we were brought up with, to our genes and internal DNA – it’s all part of what makes you YOU.

The Four Temperaments

Early philosophers and play-writers profiled 4 distinct personalities, and they differ from each other like night and day, winter and summer, right and left.

Plato called them: Artisans, Guardians, Rationals and Idealists.

Each has their own preconceived “purpose” or primary focus in life.

The Artisan wants Play. Everything is about doing what you do best in the mot creative, most impactful way possible (Famous Artisans include Wolfgang Mozart, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley and Michael Jordan).

The Guardian wants Help. They dvote their lives to the duties of the world, to provide everyone with their physical and social needs. (Famous Guardians include George Washington, Queen Victoria, Mother Teresa and Warren Buffett).

The Rational wants Mind. Thinking is the greatest virtue and configuration is their greatest glee. Ideas are power-points to build on and create brilliant frameworks. (Famous Rationals include Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates).

The Idealist wants Soul. Nothing is without meaning, and nothing is here without purpose. This type are often promoters of peace, love and purpose. (Famous Idealists include Mohandas Gandhi, Alexander Hamilton, Eleanor Roosevelt and Oprah Winfrey).

It’s fascinating to note that some of those who came under pressure for their novel, even radical views were often merely representing their own perspectives.

The psychological arguments between Sigmund Freud and Viktor Frankl become far more transparent once we realize that Freud was an Artisan (who focused on play, stimulation and physical needs) and Frankl an Idealist (who focused on soul, purpose and esoteric needs).

Similarly, one finds the differences between Harry Sullivan, who placed such a high value on social status, was indeed himself a Guardian, while Alfred Adler, a Rational, stated that the quest for power and technological advancement was they key motive in life.

The Common Ground

Yet we all share a common ground. We each have our own goals. And YOUR goal is to achieve that which you were not wired to achieve.

This means that whichever situation you find yourself in, whatever circumstance or psychological “wiring” you find yourself endowed with, there is always a challenge, always something greater than your preconceived abilities. That is your greatness. That is where your greatest strengths are focused and once you succeed through them you transcend your preconceived limits, self-imposed or otherwise, and you become able – psychologically, physically and passionately – to do whatever it is you please.

If you were born with autism. To become the captain of your basketball team; that’s your goal in life.

If the doctor tells you you’ll never walk again. To become the fastest man on earth; that’s your goal in life.

If you wake up addicted to Smoking. To Quit; that’s your goal in life.

If you (insert major challenge). To (insert major achievement); that’s YOUR goal in life!

To merely achieve a goal for a goal’s sake is foolish. True, there may be some achievements that will far outshine all others, but maturity and growth comes through resetting your goals and renewing your vows to play harder, to help more people, to generate better ideas, to make this world a happier place!



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How to Achieve Your Bucket List


Two words: Energy and Focus!


Getting Started

  • Start Small. Eat your elephants one bite at a time (weird, I know, but it works). Set micro-goals to achieve larger ones.
  • One Goal. Instead of trying to fulfill everything, focus on ONE with full energy and laser focus.
  • Examine the Motivation. Describe goal and reasons to complete it.
  • Be Passionate! Commit to it publicly. Tell your friends. Write about it in the papers. Promote your need to succeed.
  • Set a Start Date. Don’t just start. Build anticipation. When you do start, you’ll start with even more enthusiasm.
  • Create a Dream Collage. Find pictures that match your set goal. Build a short Mantra. Put it everywhere!

Staying the Course

  • Work Hard! Nothing pays off like great and relentless practice!
  • Visualize your success! Feel the benefits of completion. This should cause a sudden surge of inspiration.
  • Hold yourself back! Pace yourself. Don’t do 100%. This will make you yearn for the next opportunity to practice.
  • Check out the competition. If you’re in a competition, check out how other’s are faring. (This should ignite your rear).
  • Just Start! There’s no motivation like action, works every time. Get dressed and do one set. You’ll take off.
  • Keep your audience informed. Update your fans on the progress of your success.
  • Think only positive! Read books and success stories on it. Make prior conquerors your mentors.
  • Listen to great music. Everyone has their own preference. Create great playlists that match your moods and modes.
  • Speak with believers. Find people with the same goal as you. Call friends and family that support your ambition.
  • Celebrate! Every step is precious. Chart your progress and reward yourself for each milestone.
  • Never miss 2 days in a row! If you’re incapable, improvise. Do something that resembles your practice.

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5 More Intense Things to Add to Your Bucket List!


Last Time we brought you5 Things That Should Be on Everyone’s Bucket List. Here are 5 More Intense Things to Add to Your Bucket List! Also don’t miss our recent article How to Achieve Your Bucket List!

(Links included)

Try Wing-suit Base Jumping.
Way intense!

Complete the Navy SEALs Workout. If you thought football practice was hard, wait to till you get a load of this routine. You’ll be running 6 miles a day (5x a week), swimming for 75 minutes solid, and be doing 400 pushups, 500 situps, 160 pullups and 400 dips in less than 30 minutes. Up for the Challenge?

Become James Bond. Discover your inner James Bond at Incredible Adventures 3-day class. Many of the instructors have served in U.S. Special Forces teams. Learn evasive-driving maneuvers, self-defense techniques, weapons tactics. Price Tag: $3,795 from Covert Operations.

Climb to the summit of Everest. Many have fallen in attempt to conquer the highest peak on planet earth. Although it’s been made easier over the decades it still requires immense skill, stamina and endurance. See you at the top!

Travel to Space! It’s been all talk and no show for the number of enterprises scheduled to make space travel the new hotspot destination. But if Virgin Galactic and the others can get their act together, this is the voyage of a lifetime. Price Tag: Starting at $95,000.

5 Things You Must Have on Your Bucket List


The key to successful living is to keep life exciting. But you can’t always count on others to lighten things up. You have to go out and “make it rain”. The number #1 habit of highly successful people is to be proactive – “carry your own weather” and take charge – and you’re life will never be the same! There are many things you cab start with. Here some suggestions that will differentiate you from the crowd (and impress them at the same time):

  1. Learn a New Language. Venturing into a new vocabulary engages the mind to become more conscious of its own thoughts. (Besides it makes poking fun at English so much more exciting!) Two great places to start: 200 Words and Flash Cards.
  2. Learn a Musical Instrument. Music is often associated with greatness. Einstein played violin, Edison played piano Bob Hope played the saxophone, Charles Dickens played the accordion and billionaire Warren Buffett still plays the ukulele at his shareholder meeting each year!
  3. Go on Vacation! Schedule another honeymoon to Bora Bora, or take your business mobile and travel to Europe for a few weeks. You surely won’t regret it! Here are some famous hot-spots.
  4. Buy an Investment Home. It’s nice to own a home, but how about buying property that provides income and cash flow? Even in tough times there are always opportunities. Robert Kiyosaki says “Go look at 100 homes, make a fair offer on 10 and purchase one that offers you net cash flow” (i.e. that your tenant’s rent exceeds property mortgage and expenses).
  5. Start your Own business. While this seems to be a life-changing decision, it doesn’t have to be. There are many career driven professional who run a part-time business on the side. Those who have read The Four Hour Workweek are familiar with the concept. Every year each of us has a potential million dollar idea, yet we chose to let it pass us by.

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