Why Action Induces Success

We live in a world of fragmentation. Everything is here in perfection, yet it seems to exist only in forms of randomness. Our job here is to integrate these components into usable and functional frameworks and organization.

Now in English: Work now, money later.

Our world thrives on creativity, not money, fame, or status. The reason we were stuck in the stone age for so long was simply due to out lack of creative application. First there was a wheel, then came DaVince, and sooner or later we got Google. The issue with our ancestors was not their lack of brainpower, but in their ability to apply their ideas into a working model (version 1.0) which then evolved over time into better ideas, projects, businesses and industries that bore even greater ideas, projects, businesses and industries, and hence forth.

An aspiring businessman once asked a wise man for some advice in his upcoming venture. “Start the business.” he said. “You’ll figure the rest out”.

If your truly want to innovate you must first begin. Somewhere. And unbelievably, it doesn’t matter where.

Many innovators think of Mark Zuckerberg as the visionary of Facebook, while in reality its genius was nothing more than a simple process: brainstorm, execute, brainstorm, execute, brainstorm, execute. No pre-launch testing, no monetization models, no major management overhauls. Brainstorm, execute, every once in a while looking at the big picture to put it all in focus. You stop, you die.

There seems to be a strong aversion to execution in today’s world. Ideas are infinite yet great businesses are seldom. Every one of us should have at least one great idea that we have implemented and profited from, which would then enable us to focus our influence to either expand our existing idea or develop new ones.

One of the mind-blowing effects of creative power is that it increases exponentially the smaller the area we are focusing on. We apply this same dynamic in the physical leverage used in screwdrivers, pulleys and doorstops. What we lose in distance we gain in height, or in this case, what we lose in vision, we gain in impact.

Powerful ideas come from powerful questions. But brilliant ideas come from spade questions.

Remember that our impact is only as great as our ideas multiplied by our execution. If we lack the discipline to follow-through we are but dreamers. But when we act, and then brainstorm new avenues to growing and learning through our actions, we become unstoppable! 


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