Recent Tweets #7

  • “If you walk through a rose garden, you’ll walk out smelling like roses, even if you didn’t touch anything. And the same applies to a stable” ~ Chasidic Saying
  • When you love yourself, you can love others. When give yourself, you can give others. When you change yourself, you can change others!
  • From Seth Godin: Random rules for ideas worth spreading
  • Empowering your team: “Make everyone the CEO of something” ~ Mark Pinc
  • Dance like you’re photo’s not tagged, love like you’ve never been unfriended, tweet like nobody’s following! (Thanks Rita)
  • “All the world’s indeed a stage and we are merely players. Performers and portrayers. Each another’s audience outside the guilded cage” ~ Rush, Moving Pictures
  • “Holding cash may be painful, but its far less painful than investing in something stupid”. Now apply that lesson to everything in your life!
  • “If you’re going to doubt something, doubt your limits” ~ Don Ward
  • Cash isn’t king. The customer is king. Respect his desires and you’ll get your own.
  • On the issue of privacy: The good person doesn’t care what people find out about him. As it would all be in line with the image they’d like to project of themselves. Become that good person.
  • “Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped” ~ African proverb
  • “No wonder Apple’s shares are through the roof. The iPod has brought going to the bathroom to a whole new level”
  • True purpose is a self-imposed yet spiritually-validated conviction that you do all that you do, for all the right reasons. Reasons of goodness, of benefit and of making this world the great place that many before us believed it could be.
  • Play is the foundation for all learning. Get inspired, get playful, get ideas!
  • Living Life on Purpose:
  • You’ve got to do your part (which is your 100%) and then G-d does the other 99% 🙂
  • “Work Hard. Play Hard. Change the World!” ~ Amazon (I think)
  • “When someone is on fire, you notice them. Are you on fire?” (Thanks Fitz)
  • Amazing how many children lose out on their childhood because their too afraid to hang out with the crazy kids. (Goes for adults too)
  • There’s a fine line between getting everything you want and grabbing great opportunities as they manifest themselves (something Warren Buffett would say)
  • Success Secrets of Michael Jordan:
  • Ever notice that if you say “beer can” with a British accent you are also saying “bacon” with a Jamaican accent?
  • Funny – “How to Overcome Writer’s Block” by Steve Martin:

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