Creativity: The Organization of Randomness (plus a prize!)

Imagination is greater than Knowledge Albert Einstein

Creativity is a funny thing. It isn’t thinking, yet its highly intuitive. And it isn’t always rational, yet it solves the toughest problems. When we think of someone as “brilliant,” we rarely refer to IQ points (after 120 it really doesn’t seem to matter).  We are referring to someone who toys with ideas, plays with their assumptions, and can see beyond the obvious.

While it is possible to induce the “creative flow” (as done in brainstorming sessions), there are moments when the most wild and random thoughts just come to you. This often happens when the mind is in a total state of relaxation.

This explains why many great ideas come to us in the shower, or at a time when we are away from our work. Many a genius has been known to have their greatest ideas while on vacation.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up Pablo Picasso

Regardless of how the “messages” come, the key to successful conserving your ideas is to immediately jot down your notes on paper, however random and muddled they may seem, (so long as they are legible).

Later on, you can sort it all out, “think” them over and organize them appropriately.

After The Storm

The best way is to sort these ideas into categories:

a) The Bank: These are the hot ideas. The ones that get you excited and are able to be out into action immediately.

b) The Library: These ideas require further research. They are long-range thoughts that may be applicable, but just not at the present time.

c) The Museum: No idea should ever be thrown away. Even seemingly random, irrelevant thoughts are good to archive in order to look over when you’re in need of inducing the creative flow.

Of course, the master brainstormer will be constantly reviewing and reorganizing his or her notes to seek a new edge, a new point of view, so that everything is in order when the next innovative wave arrives!

Big ideas… are little ideas that no one killed too soon Seth Godin

The Prize!

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7 Responses to “Creativity: The Organization of Randomness (plus a prize!)”

  1. Maan Says:

    thank you for this post.

  2. Peggy Says:

    I enjoyed this post — except for the paragraph about President Reagan.

    The Cold War began, by most accounts, at the end of the Second World War (1945) and continued until 1991. Given that President Reagan was born in 1911, it’s highly doubtful anything about the Cold War shocked him while he was in office.

    The advice to take a few moments to refresh yourself in the face of shocking news (whatever it might be) is good; I need to be better at following it.

    Thanks again for the post.

    • my1ambition Says:

      Good point Peggy. I’m sorry. I should have verified that fact before posting it. Though Reagan was President from 1981 – 1989, and the war lasted till 1991, so it is possible that there was some event that required such action.

  3. ZAREMA Says:

    Thanks the author for article. The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

  4. gualetar Says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

    • my1ambition Says:

      I’m sorry about the lack of clarity. Please explain what wasn’t clear so I can be better understood in future posts.

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