Living Life on Purpose

The following is the re-edited pre-2 AM version

I wonder if people feel their lives as a pursuit of but a necessary happiness. A race back to the original finish line. A never-ending loop that seems to go on ad infinitum. Or a maze that seems to have neither a finish or an exit.

What is Purpose other than a pre-determined ideal set by oneself to validate his or her sense of being and doing?

What Drives Us

Viktor Frankl, noted psycho-analyst and Holocaust survivor, used to say that any purpose is a good purpose. Since it at least drives one forward in a direction of anticipation, propelling and strengthening the ability to get to tomorrow.

But many times a personal purpose isn’t enough. Dreams are easily destroyed, like a father returning from the concentration camps hoping to find his family and home, only to find his entire town ransacked and word that his family has passed on. Or an ambitious professional unable to find a proper job after spending many years and much financial debt on gaining their skill set.

Changing Focus

Yet not all set-backs are viewed as such. Many motivational mentors speak of “impersonal” dreams, an idea or aspiration that far surpasses ones personal interest for comfortability or prestige, but rather a vision to make many millions of lives better and to change the world in some way or form.

With this perspective, something phenomenal occurs. The abilities lose their status as being personal and they enter a new social dynamic that, if for the right reasons, is no force to be reckoned with. No financial stress, lost deal, family crisis, or natural disaster can stand in the way of that. The world has now become your alibi, not your contender.

This is the basis all spiritual, entrepreneurial and religious pursuits. A calling to a higher purpose far greater than finding personal wealth, prestige, satisfaction or fulfillment. Happiness becomes what is done for another, what is done for the endurance of an enterprise, what is done for the patriotism of a country, what is done for a better world.

True purpose then is a self-imposed yet spiritually-validated conviction that you do all that you do, for all the right reasons. Reasons of goodness, of benefit and of making this world the great place that many before us believed it could be.

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4 Responses to “Living Life on Purpose”

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  3. CMS Says:

    Does not this approach incur the possibility that if the fulfillment of one’s true purpose relies upon the machinations of society as a whole, then one has the ability to cast blame upon others for their own lack of success, if their goals are not met?

    Furthermore, is there not an element of losing control over one’s own destiny with this approach? Or is that the point: “to let go and let G-d?”…

    • my1ambition Says:

      To say that one can blame a society for their own lack of success shows on the imperfection of their trial.

      If it were truly an “impersonal” dream for G-d, or for a socity, or for the world, then why would it fail? If they were earnestly fighting for a better good, why would it be rejected?

      We can’t lose control of our destiny. We can only chose not to pursue it.

      To be happy ourselves, that will last a while. To make others happier, that will last forever.

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