Getting Things Done vs Planning

One things that has constantly been pervasive in my life on my road to success (and it is a road), is that I have so many people suddenly telling me that “talk is cheap” and that action is the only thing that counts. Now I don’t disagree. Yet I don’t agree either. And here’s why.

Action is the main thing. And if all your thoughts, dreams, ambitions, desires, speeches and motivational seminars don’t lead to something real and concrete, then they’re nothing more than just that dreams and mere thoughts.

My problem though is when people tell me that plans are useless. For instance, if you wanted to go on a road trip, there are two ways to go. The first, is to sit at home for weeks on end, making plan after painstaking plan of what you’ll do, who you’ll see, how you’ll pack and so on. OR you could just get in the car and drive. No plans. No destination. No worries. Just drive!

Obviously the above are styles. Some people need the sense of security knowing who, what when, where, how. Others just need a why and let everything else fall into its place.

But these are all plans. What about rules? Rules don’t change much. There are rules of the road, how to pack, what to bring where, vechulu (as we say in Aramaic). Now I’m not saying you have to follow those rules to the T… but you better not veer to far away.

Planning on a road trip with someone else’s car, with no cash and no drivers license just isn’t going to end that well.

So now say you have a dream. You can spend all the time you want planning how to get there, but chances are that life will require you to take an alternative route, with maybe an extra detour.

But then there are rules. The rules don’t change often and when they do make sure you pay attention. There are principles in how we deal with people, how we should do business, how to do almost anything.

So when someone tells me “Stop planning and just get out there and do something!” I have two reposnses:

#1) I want to make sure I know all the rules. It’s true that trial and error is the best teacher but its not the fastest and its definitely not the cheapest. I’ve seen too many of my friends fail at enough businesses that I spent the last 2 years learning what those make-it-or-break-it essentials.

#2) There is a difference between Plans and Rules. Plans change, all the time! But rules, or laws as they are sometimes called, are tried and tested. They may be broken but at your own discretion.

People must always be treated a certain way. Money must always be treated a certain way. And if you want to succeed at anything, it is imperative that you study the edge by which those fail or succeed by. Action is the main thing but it must be powered in the right direction.

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One Response to “Getting Things Done vs Planning”

  1. Office Partitions Says:

    hi sir
    Yes, it’s hard to keep plans up to date, but the plan itself isn’t as important as the habit of planning.

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