Recent Tweets #5

Just in case you’ve missed out…(favorites in bold)

  • Did you know that Coke makes a special formula especially for McDonald’s fountain drinks! (Maybe its New Coke).
  • NEW BIO: Great thoughts and ideas to ponder, better your life and improve the way you interact with the world!
  • Most violent crime is committed by people who know each other. Yet TV (CSI, Numbers) emphasize homicides committed by psychopathic strangers
  • Did you know Apple originally had 3 Founders?
  • Statistically, Most founders of failed start-ups don’t quit their day jobs, and most founders of successful ones do.
  • GREAT WORDS TO LOSE: No! Can’t Don’t Won’t Impossible BUT IF Should Maybe Someday Later Never Try Hope Ok.
  • GREAT WORDS TO USE: Yes! Absolutely Awesome AND WHEN Attitude Phenomenal Effective Perfect Outstanding Brilliant Fantastic Possible Now!
  • In life if you want to stand out you can’t just be good. You gotta be remarkable!
  • How to Become So Creative That People Assume You’re Either Related to Einstein or Completely Insane –
  • Ever wanted to find similar movies, music, books to the ones you already enjoy? Check out
  • “Time is a concept invented to help us accept what we can’t control” – Evanescence
  • A Farewell Poem to the GSEs:
  • The 7 Steps to Wealth: Know your Position. Buy Paper. Buy Assets. Become Investor. Start Business. IPO! Give Back. Where are you holding?
  • How To Find Yourself in 20 Minutes:
  • Great clip on changing the world… and challenging the status quo
  • Back from an awesome week in NYC! Attended The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Have fun here
  • Learning to Breakdance w/ Tim Ferriss Part I Part II

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