Recent Tweets #3

It was a busy week and a great week. I went BlackBerry, read some amazing articles (they’re all down there), met with a few entrepreneurs (both successful and struggling) and hung out with the boys. Here’s to a week of great Tweets!

  • Good Businesses figure out how to continuously add value. Great businesses figure out how to continuously multiply value – Tony Hsieh
  • If I was crazy would that be normal? Or if I was normal would that be crazy?
  • 7 Hacks for Remembering Names
  • I think I got it! All the “Self Help” books are written by people who are happy just the way they are!
  • Success means a) having direction and vision in times of chaos and b) having the passionate courage and relentless optimism to persevere.
  • How many people make a billion dollars only to dream of going to India for six months and living with people who have absolutely nothing?
  • “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal” – Henry Ford
  • When ppl asks you your mistakes, its tempting to talk about stuff you did that didn’t work. But what about the stuff you DIDN’T do? – Godin
  • Lead people with respect, authority and passion. Consensus leads to mediocrity.
  • Mastery in any field requires focus, responsibility and authority; each in equal proportion to the other.
  • “101 Small Business Mistakes”. If you read ONE article this month – read this!
  • Do you have an off-shore email address?
  • STEP #1 to Starting a Business: Clear compelling vision, cases of RedBull, iPod with awesome playlist, 8GB micro-SD USB, Pen and paper!
  • Pepper and Soap Trick
  • 5 Ways to Get Inspired
  • Dozen Don’ts for Entrepreneurs: Don’t worry be crappy. Don’t Sweat valuation. Don’t ask ppl 2 do something you wouldn’t.
  • Trying to match this kid (63m hits on youtube!)
  • Awareness Test – check it out!
  • Its always better to be generally right than precisely wrong. Think about that.
  • Anyone notice that gold closed at a record monthly all-time high yesterday?
  • The Hierarchy of Success: Attitude, Approach, Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Execution. Do you have the first 3?
  • Nobody’s Happy!
  • The 7 Currencies of Social Media
  • When you become great at anything, 1/3 of the people are going to love you, 1/3 are going to resent you and 1/3 aren’t going to care!
  • Successful people make themselves greater by making sure their friends are successful too. How can you involve friends in your success?
  • 3 Principles for Good Relationships: 1) Don’t get Offended. 2) Don’t get Even. 3) Never Be Shy to Express How You Feel!
  • Memory Hacks – How to Memorize Concepts and Lists Easier
  • Seinfeld’s take on BlackBerry-people
  • Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy – General Schwarzkopf
  • Are you more interested in what is actual or what is possible?

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