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  • Finally have all my unimportant emails going directly into labeled folders. My primary inbox has been empty for over 3 days. Kinda Freaky!
  • RT @LeadershipNow Change the world: Begin as band of madmen welcoming other crazy ppl who want 2 be part of something bigger than themselves
  • Keys to Productivity: What’s required of me that no one else can do? What offers me the greatest return? What’s most rewarding for me?
  • You cannot underestimate the unimportance of practically everything. Know what to overlook.
  • Enjoy this hilarious video
  • RT @guykawasaki 10 Common Mistakes That Startup/Small Companies Make | Whatever it Takes | Fast Company
  • Master Your MasterMind (@ebenpagan)
  • “Success is something you attract by the person you become” Jim Rohn
  • Tom Hopkins: The Customer’s Biggest Fear
  • Comedian and Impersonator, Frank Caliendo
  • “The’re 3 reasons why we survived: No money, No tech, No plan. Every $ we used very carefully” Jack Ma, Founder (read it again)
  • When U think, think Big Picture, how it effects everything in your life. When U do something, live in moment, focused, with consciousness.
  • RT @MichaelEGerber If you care to, you will dare to. And nothing else will be required of you, other than the will.
  • Think about yourself: Do you desire achievement and accomplishment or do you desire to be appreciated?
  • Next time you dread sitting thru long red-lights to make a left turn, Make a right turn instead, then an immediate U-turn. Its often faster!
  • Listening to “Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Mastery”. Highly recommended for enhancing your #leadership skills on any level.
  • “For the next week, smile at the first 5 people you see in the morning… a genuine smile” Dale Carnegie

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