A New Year, A New Ambition

Tonight is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. And new years require new resolutions. Commitments to becoming better people. To assume new growth strategies in our personal lives, our families, our businesses and our communities. To excel and exceed any prior expectations.

When we are conscious, we are alive, we are energized and we become masters of our own destiny.

Let us become conscious; aware and vigilant of our atmosphere. For us to move forward we must first know where we stand. Personal “power” is the ability to “do”. And to “do” requires that we act in a way that embraces our full attention. Only then can we mold into our ultimate selves. Otherwise, we are no different than machines going through the motions with no soul, no purpose, no intention.

WHO put us here or WHY we’re here, are far less important than the fact THAT we are here.

My goal for the year is to implement the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years into practical application. Yet at the same time to constantly be observant and objective of why I do what I do. A personalized “Vision”, if you will, to guide me towards my life’s goals.

May we all have an awesome year, packed only with great things, and may it all be better than we can possibly imagine!



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