Buying Nice Cars And How We Think

What do you get when you cross a car and the subconscious mind?

It all depends on your attitude!

Allow me to explain. You just bought a new car. And you love it. “Amazing” you think to yourself that you never thought of buying that particular model/brand/style before. You begin to feel as if you found a diamond in the rough. A secret nobody else knows about. But suddenly, as you cruise down the highway, it seems that “everyone” has your car! “They’re selling like hotcakes!” you think.

Now let’s move over to your mind. In reality there are hundreds of cars on the roads at any given moment. Thing is, you never cared to notice them all, and couldn’t possibly notice them all, as that is just too much information for your mind to process. So what the mind does, what we call RAS (Reticular Activating System) is segment your focus on the thing most relevant to you. We only notice things we care about (hence the saying “You’re one-track minded”).

How does this all relate to success?

Well, as you may have caught on by now, success too is a mindset. They say “Success is something you attract by the person you become”. In reality there are hundreds of doors and thousands of opportunities, yet like cars on the road, the mind cannot possibly process and evaluate each one. So it focuses your attention only those most interested by you. You get what you wish for because you don’t get what you don’t wish for (if that makes any sense at all).

When you condition your mind to be always optimistic and seeking success. Success in your life, your family, your business, even the people around you. You subconsciously change your perceptions into reality by filtering-out the noise and clutter that’s irrelevant and zero in on that which matters. Call it the “Find Waldow Effect”.

Next time you think about accomplishing something be positive and be proactive. Look for the opportunities and do something to move toward your success. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once noted “He who has a why can endure any how”. So Focus on what you truly want and let your mind figure out the rest!

Our Perception becomes our reality not as a matter of delusion, but rather by virtue of our brilliant selection process!


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