How To Delegate

Rule of Thumb

If you can’t leave your organization for 3 days, then you’re business isn’t systematized. The way for it to become so, is through something we call: Delegation.

What To Delegate

  • Delegate, don’t abdicate! Follow up and and hold the delegated party responsible for making sure the job is done right.
  • Delegate things that aren’t part of your core competency (accounting, web design, deliveries, hardware/software help, design, travel arrangements, patenting, legal, payroll, research, data entry).
  • Don’t delegate what you can’t (performance reviews, discipline, firing).

Effective Delegation

  1. Identify task to delegate. If you don’t need to be doing it, eliminate it.
  2. Create Action Plan, document procedure to perform task step-by-step (including quality control standards).
  3. Specify expected results of the task (what, why, when, who, where and how).
  4. Delegate authority along with responsibility. Automate minor approvals (say anything less than $150).
  5. Have someone follow your Action Plan.
  6. Maintain open lines of communication. Trade short-term errors for long-term results.
  7. Don’t micro-manage, but ensure that you are kept in the loop on progress and performance.
  8. Revise document until you are both comfortable with it.
  9. When the new system document is ready, provide it to the employee responsible for that task. Train them how to successfully run this “system”.
  10. Insert copy into Operations Manual.
  11. Repeat on next task.

Once you’ve done this for every job in your organization, you will be free to move around the country, or the world. You will no longer be subject to the day-to-day waves of operations!


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