This Week’s Tweets

(just in case you missed them…)

  • Picture of a molecule! (1 million times smaller than grain of sand)
  • Success = Focus. To do what you do 100% and constantly strive to increase your skill, knowledge and expertise in your particular field.
  • All of life – success and failure, ease and challenge, logic or emotion – all boils down to one simple question: Are you happy?
  • “Very hard work gets in the way of thinking” ~ Jeremy Grantham.
  • Some kids are just talented! 8 year old jamming –
  • If you want to make a short-term killing: Invest in stocks right now and raise your trailing stop. (The blow-off is always the greatest).
  • All leaders: I came across a great blog today. Let me know if you enjoy it!
  • “Evolution of a Dance Party”. This is how marketing (and dancing) is supposed to work. One word: Contagion.
  • My final consensus on the economy: The casino isn’t closing but your chips aren’t going to be worth as much.
  • Is it possible to be focused and conscious at the same time?
  • “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” ~ Mark Twain
  • The Keys to Life are… Running and Reading! (Will Smith).
  • How to Backup your life –
  • 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking: Craig Valentine-

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