5 Things You Must Have on Your Bucket List

The key to successful living is to keep life exciting. But you can’t always count on others to lighten things up. You have to go out and “make it rain”. The number #1 habit of highly successful people is to be proactive – “carry your own weather” and take charge – and you’re life will never be the same! There are many things you cab start with. Here some suggestions that will differentiate you from the crowd (and impress them at the same time):

  1. Learn a New Language. Venturing into a new vocabulary engages the mind to become more conscious of its own thoughts. (Besides it makes poking fun at English so much more exciting!) Two great places to start: 200 Words and Flash Cards.
  2. Learn a Musical Instrument. Music is often associated with greatness. Einstein played violin, Edison played piano Bob Hope played the saxophone, Charles Dickens played the accordion and billionaire Warren Buffett still plays the ukulele at his shareholder meeting each year!
  3. Go on Vacation! Schedule another honeymoon to Bora Bora, or take your business mobile and travel to Europe for a few weeks. You surely won’t regret it! Here are some famous hot-spots.
  4. Buy an Investment Home. It’s nice to own a home, but how about buying property that provides income and cash flow? Even in tough times there are always opportunities. Robert Kiyosaki says “Go look at 100 homes, make a fair offer on 10 and purchase one that offers you net cash flow” (i.e. that your tenant’s rent exceeds property mortgage and expenses).
  5. Start your Own business. While this seems to be a life-changing decision, it doesn’t have to be. There are many career driven professional who run a part-time business on the side. Those who have read The Four Hour Workweek are familiar with the concept. Every year each of us has a potential million dollar idea, yet we chose to let it pass us by.

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