On Success

When you can’t relate to people you can’t envy them. Why are people jealous of Bill Gates but not the Queen of England? A man can be perfectly fine with his life, family and career – and then he gets invited to a college reunion.

If you believe in a top for society then you also believe in a bottom. The problem with an elitist mindset is that it raises you up by lowering others. True greatness is achieved by helping others through your strengths.

We fear the ridicule and judgement of failure (lack of acceptance). It’s not the physical pain or even self-deterrence that plagues us but what others will say. This has become extremely prevalent due to mass-media and the internet. The higher they rise the farther they fall.

We must differentiate between loser and someone who has lost  (Hamlet wasn’t a loser). I guess it also goes together with the difference between poor and broke. The former is a frame of mind, the latter is a mere point in time. Tragedy too is a mindset that either brings man down to his own insecurities, or helps him rise above them.

You can’t be successful at everything – so choose what you wish to give up. Know something about everything, and everything about something. That way you’re always either learning or teaching. You can’t be the best at many things, but you can be the best you.

We must be the authors of our own ambitions. Many people stumble simply because they lack direction, a conscious awareness of what they truly want out of life. It’s because of this that so many remain underdeveloped in their potential and get side-tracked by what others have come by – many times only by chance. True, you can’t always choose your destiny, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up at the first sign of resistance.

Find what makes you tick, develop it to the fullest potential possible and then radiate it to others.


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