5 Ways To Crash a Small Business

5 simple, to-the-point ways to run any business into the ground.

  1. Use your heart, not your head. Business is not only about passion and a good idea, but what your idea means to other people.
  2. Underestimate cash needs. Money is the life-flow of any enterprise. Without it, well, just look at our nation’s banks. Just assume you won’t make a dime for the first year.
  3. Skip the market research. If you don’t know your target customer, you have no business. You must know your customer the way you (should) know your own kids.
  4. Limit your business acumen. What do you do? To know your business backwards and forwards is what determines whether you’ll do well in good times or bad.
  5. Treat the business like a job. Don’t because it’s not. You’re net worth is no longer increased by your business’s profits but by your share of its intrinsic value.

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