On Money

“Money is the most important thing in life, but the least valuable”

Ponder that.



3 Responses to “On Money”

  1. Gershon Gary Garber Says:

    Interesting thought, however I challenge it. Money is nothing without purpose. I have very little right now, but the most important things in my life are family and health. However, money is needed to feed and support my home, as well as give tzedakah. I read once that money is the complete abstraction of the current world. It can be used for good or for not-so-good purposes. Yes, in that respect, it *is* the most valuable.

    See you tomorrow for Shabbat (iy''h),

  2. Admin Says:

    "Importance" is often affiliated with the critical, vital or pivotal. "Value" with worth, usefulness and benefit.

    Money although a significant effective element of propelling ones purpose, does not however have the second element of creating purpose, as you mention.

    Someone with money often has little trouble fulfilling a purpose. They may not however have a sense of value without that purpose.

  3. Shalom P. Hamou Says:

    Read the Tract: "Plea for a New World Economic Order.", which explains the nature and causes of economic depressions and proposes a plausible alternative solution.

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