New Editing Style

Straight to the Point Posts

If you’re like me, then you love information, but hate reading (non-fiction that is). When trying to learn something it’s quite frustrating when you’re somewhat educated on the matter and read through repetitious and often superfluous text. When I take notes for example, I try to codify it in the most concise possible way so that I’ll remember the concepts with just a few Key Points.

So from now on, in addition to the general post I will begin, in bold – with key points of the article. I will do the same for important links and references. Also, this will make it easier to skim through older articles for review.

The article, thus will remain to explain the Key Points. In addition, if there are any question or notes on the post you are always welcome to post a comment.

At the end, I will add take-away points – as I have done many times in the past. Something like this:

So watch for the bold texts! Now just for fun: read through just the bold!


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