12 Brands That May Not See 2011

Here are 12 well-known brands that 247wallst.com doesn’t believe will make it past 2010. Included are one-liners of what these business have against them.

1. Budget rental cars (CAR): Debt problems, weak travel, competition.
2. Borders books (BGP): Declining sales, heavy losses, competitors, large debts.
3. Crocs footwear (CROX): Stock $72 to 2, financing issues, recession.
4. Saturn vehicles: GM bankruptcy will certainly shutter the brand, sales -59%.
5. Esquire Magazine : Hearst faceing problems will shut underperforming brands.
6. Old Navy: Gap a two-brand body, can’t sustain all 3, sales declines.
7. Architectural Digest Mag: Lost 47% of ads, financial problems.
8. Chrysler: Like GM, can’t maintain business as it restructures.
9. Eddie Bauer (EBHI): Declining sales, stock under $1, major debts, CCC- rating.
10. Palm (PALM): Life-threatening competition, dismal financial results, Sprint.
11. AIG: Sub-operating units distancing from “toxic” and dying AIG brand.
12. United Air Lines (UAUA): Stocks plummeting, faces merger and end of brand.

To read the full article click here.



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