Sending Text-Thru-Email

There are many reasons why one would want to send a text message through their email. The best I can think of are: To send texts to a large base (say 20 or more recipients), or just to save money on your end (emails are still free last I checked).

How To:

  1. Simply type the text you wish to send as an email, with your Subject. Most people still have tiny screens so write conservatively. Also try to avoid “Rich” text (styles, fonts, colors, etc).
  2. Next, fill in the recipients. You will have to know which service provider they each use.
  3. Add the phone number in the “To” field (use BCC if necessary).
  4. Add in the respective service link (below) following each number.
  5. Add the name before the number so each name will save to your contacts.
  6. Full Example: “Jeffrey” , (the comma is important).


There you have it! Yet another way to make life just a little more efficient!



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