So what DO you DO?

I have always been of the creative nature. When I was 4 years old I wanted to be an astronaut (I still do). When I was 7, I dreamed of moving to Alaska and living as an Eskimo in a mansion igloo. So the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” always seemed foreign to me. There were always too many options.

It seems that things haven’t improved much. The only thing that has changed is the question, “What do you do?” You can’t imagine how many people ask me this with a face of curiosity and interest only to become ever more confused by my answers. I’m constantly tempted to just end it all quickly with something there’s just no follow up for. “I’m a drug dealer” “I’m a rodeo clown”. Or how about this one “Fortune Cookie Writer” (yes, they get paid).

You have a personal business card. What’s your official title? I always wanted to fill this query with something that would fill every possible playing field, regardless of whether I was studying religion, backpacking throughout South America, doing community service or running a Fortune 500. I thought of “Entrepreneur” but it had too much of a monetary ring to it.

“Vagabond” sounded cool and funky at first, but it lost its luster when Webster’s defined it as “a wanderer without fixed income… unsettled, irresponsible or disreputable life“. (Just not me.)

I tried “Lifestyle Guru” which sounded like someone who has it all figured out but it sounded a bit too egoistic and “know-it-all-ish”.

Then I found it! It was inspired by Tim Ferriss author of The Four Hour Workweek (who is in fact my Lifestyle Guru): Life Hacker. It was love at first sight. Life Hacker implied someone who is actively involved in deciphering life in a way that makes it as fun and fulfilling as possible. We “hack” life much of the same way programs are hacked. Find the inefficiencies and open-doors and take advantage of them, beating the system if you will. Imagine if you could pack 36 hours of life into a day of just 24, or learn a new language in less than 6 months, or make $40,000 a year without showing up! That’s the work of the Life Hacker.

It’s about working smarter, not harder. It’s about living and fulfilling your time on earth, not someone else’s.


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