The Anatomy of Success

Why so few succeed and why even the many who do seem to fail. What is the secret of the select few who rise time after time above their failures?

How many times a day do we forfeit happiness for immediate comfort? Why would most people sit and sulk over a coffee that just isn’t right rather than get up and make themselves a new one? Many are the man who will procrastinate now even though he’ll have hell to pay tomorrow.

The human mind is preconditioned for stimulus while the heart is insistent on sloth. “If it ain’t broken why fix it?” (IIABWFI?) the world seems to believe, is at best an neutralistic philosophy.

One of the most famous marketing campaigns ever has been successful due to this one fact: The 30 day money back guarantee. Whether or not the product is of any good, the customer will, more times than not, choose to live with his mistake rather than travel across-town to return his guaranteed-money-back item.

Simple mind-over-matter would save families hundreds of dollars in faulty products a year, from a bad coffee at Starbucks to an item they bought from a 3 AM infomercial, but instead they choose the IIABWFI? quick-fix.

Imagine Micheal Jordan saying to himself “Well, I do have an awesome jump-shot, why jeopardize it with more practice. If it ain’t broken why fix it?”.

The fact remains that “successful” (read: “active”) personalities understand that life is all about action – not for action’s sake but for the betterment and increased happiness of their lives and the lives of others.

The answer to the IIABWFI question is: Innovation. An individual, group or organization that intends to cleave only to its past and immediate present will approach a future of oblivion. It’s opportunities, skills and position will inadvertently be possessed by those who promise to learn and grow to cultivate an atmosphere of activity, execution and ever far reaching goals.

So hit the gym, meet some people, learn and implement something that will further your career. Anything but sitting around pondering how life could be so much better!



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