The Four Hour Workweek

Book Recommendation
Although I have recommended the book in the past, I’ll do so again only with more esteem.
I just completed the book for the third time and have concluded that it is by far one of the greatest works of modern day entrpreneurship. If you have not read it yet, I suggest you get into a book store (or online) today and purchase it. It is worth many times its weight in gold!
Why am I so fanatical about Tim Ferriss’ best seller? Because while so many are painstakingly searching for the a way out (the red pill, if you will) of their life-long inconveniences, Ferriss has found the keys to financial and social independance.
Even if you decide to stay in the rat race, the book will still prove a valuable resource of information, self-fulfillment and random fun!
For more on the life on Tim Ferriss, check out his website


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