Time to sell your shares in XYZ?

We all know how Mr. Market chooses to run his place, not very orderly. When everyone is on the buy bandwagon he’ll dump half his shares, only to start bidding them up again a few days later. Have a look at the last bear market. (You try predicting all that!)

While I do believe what we saw back in March was indeed an interim bottom, I don’t think its the last time we’ll see Dow 6,800. So if you didn’t make your 658% yet, its ok. You’ll have another chance. Just please, don’t go down with your own ship.

I suggest, at least, that you start taking profits. The rally may continue for a couple more days, maybe even diving down and coming up for even more air before this bear-market rally is through.

As they say on the Street, you don’t buy bear markets, you trade them, and while the profits have been truly awesome, it’s time to lock in our gains.

When people begin to become skeptical of whether or not this really is a bear-market rally, you can be sure it is.


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