5 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Here are the 5 books Every Entrepreneur Must Read before launching any business or organization. Furthermore, while audio books are quite useful and easier to listen to, I suggest you go out and buy the actual books since so much information, graphs and visualizations are contained in them.

The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

Kawasaki essentially outlines the progressive stages of launching your business with a practical and simple rather than deep and complex approach. Learn what VCs want to hear and how to setup a sound business from the ground up!

The E-Myth Mastery – Michael Gerber

While Gerber’s previous book the E-Myth Revisited details why you must build a systematized business, this version explains how. This is the entrepreneur’s bible; an invaluable asset to any business, start-up or Fortune 500. Learn why systems, not people, run your business best!

The Four Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss

I have many people tell me its unrealistic. I disagree. This is your “Get Out of Jail Free/Rat Race” card before you even get in. Ferriss, though far from conventional lays out how you have to improve everything from your life to your business and back again. Learn how to Delegate, Eliminate, Automate and Liberate!

Good to Great – Jim Collins

What makes great companies great? Collins moves away the clutter to identify the most essential qualities every revolutionary enterprise possesses. Learn why your Values and Vision are worth so many times your balance sheets.

Choose To be Rich – Robert Kiyosaki

So what makes people wealthy? Kiyosaki walks through the fundamentals of wealth creation and good business sense to provide the aspiring entrepreneur the keys to untold riches. Learn why the words “Cash Flow” are the most important words you’ll ever hear.


These books aren’t just worth a few great lines, they will change your entire perspective on your business and the way you approach your life while achieving your goals.

The only additional keys you need are passion, creativity, common sense and perseverance!


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