Taking Chances

Book Review – The Black Swan

There is phenomenal book I’ve been reading/listening to by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, called The Black Swan. In short it revolved around the theory that society will tend to prognosticate or eradicate possibilities for events based on prior statistics… and then along comes a black swan a one-in-very-many chances phenomenon. Once this happens however, society will continue with their ill-advised fundamentally-unsound numbers, only this time adjusted for the new “black swan”.

Think of the “possibility” for an attack on U.S. soil on September 10th 2001 and then again on the following day. Or the crash of 1987… and then its unexpected rebound. We are talking about divergences well past “impossibility”, or to say the least “impractical“.

If you are a fan of logical and at the same time philosophical common-sense thinking, being risk-averse conscious of the world around us yet take advantage of life’s “unexpected” excitements, I suggest The Black Swan. (Maybe also something from Ayn Rand but that’s for another time). I know many wealthy and successful people who have read it.

It’s also available in audio book form (12 CDs – unabridged).

Have a great weekend!


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