Brainstorm of the Future

I decided to brainstorm for business ideas and I started sounding like a futurist. So here is what I got. It’s not thought through or logical – as it’s not supposed to. It’s a general idea of how to make our lives easier, better, faster, cheaper in everything we do.

I give at least one example for the things we do most – Sleep, Eat, Travel, Drive, Work, Socialize, Surf, Shop, Stay Clean and Network.

Sleep – Imagine only requiring 2-3 hours of sleep a night. What would a 23 day look like? This may be through a new pill of sorts or a method of raising REM. (We all know that earlier hours of the night are worth more). No more sleeping in, more productivity and energy.

Food – Imagine if we could eat whatever we wanted and stay healthy, never gaining unwanted weight. Enzymes that break down food many times faster than our bodies can, dietetic food that tastes less like crap and more like the great food we want in the first place.

Travel – Imagine if we could arrive anywhere instantly, earth or space! Fast, comfortable, cheap. No more delays, jet-lag, wasted time, money. There is talk now of a shuttle that would launch into the exosphere (space) and travel at 40,000 MPH towards its destination. This would get one from New York to Sydney in approximately 90 minutes! Not to mention teleporting atoms across the globe, but am I getting ahead of myself?

Drive – Imagine if all auto travel was completely automated. This would essentially eliminate all aspects of the grid that slow us down (stop signs, red lights, on-coming traffic) and push cars to new limits as many of the current precautions for safety are eliminated due to its own growth. If cars knew which and how many cars were coming through the intersection miles earlier, why would we need traffic lights. Note that round-abouts like they have in European countries (and some in NYC) would come in quite handy. The list goes on and on. Life in the fast lane would be changed forever. Traffic always moving steadily, Crashes gone, car insurance cheap-per, many more MPGs!

Work – Imagine if we knew just how to get the most production out of our workday. A world of machines and systems, owned by the human race free to do almost anything they choose. Six Sigma becomes an integrated phenomenon and people only work because they choose to. No more frustration, poverty. Everyone would essentially become a shareholder in the world’s infrastructure we all use. Computers would do all the work from order entry to shipping.

Play – Imagine everyone has this happy and playful disposition. Instead of the front page of Forbes acclaiming the CEO of some multi-national corporation, it would post proudly the the new world Wii champion or Guitar Hero legend. With work made less mandatory people will have more time to do what they want not what someone else does.

Socializing – With faster, more awesome travel – reunions, meetings and parties are what you always wanted them to be. Imagine Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to the max with as much and as little publicity as you desire.

Web Surfing – Imagine going online and finding exactly what you were looking for, with links to every possible sub-category of information you may need. You would be able to do an incredible amount of research in moments, maybe even instantaneously choosing from a variety of projects already premiered on the web. Imagine how many hours less business professional, students and doctors looking for a cure for cancer would have to spend aimlessly in front of a computer screen.

Hygiene – Instead of showers, we just stay clean. Clothes, dishes and cars wash themselves, or don’t even get dirty to begin with! Socks that stay clean, smelling good and kill-off bacteria for weeks without a single wash (this exists!), robots that wash your dishes in seconds and clothes made of stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, machine-washable nano-composites.

Shopping – Imagine a world where shopping truly is a pleasure. An enjoyable experience where you could see, buy or play with anything that caters to your interests. It’s as if you would be walking into a store or logging onto a website that has your name written all over it – with just the right products, sizes, styles, colors you’re looking for. Sales coupons are available automatically (you could even take advantage of something on sale next wee today!). When you want to leave you do just that while RFID scanners and automated log-out charge your accounts.

Integration through Networking – One thing we can be sure is that we are facing an age when the word “internet” has an entirely separate appeal in addition to just computers and cell phones. I’m referring to the future internet when every other appliance everyone owns is on an integrated information network, from your car to your friends iPod to the space shuttle. Each sends data in a way that enables each machine to work in the most efficient way possible. Imagine merely mentioning to your car that you want to eat out in a great restaurant and letting it filter through the 1000s of online reviews to figure out which is best, calling to making reservations, communicating with GPS and Mapquest for how to get there, driving itself (using integrated hardware, state-of the-art technology and car-networking), being able to play any song that exists, figuring out where to park and signing into your bank account to pay for your meal, and picking you up!

Our Future
It’s hard to imagine, but while half the descriptions above won’t work today they will either work sometime in the future, or work in some relative way. While many will stand in the way of innovation in the name of privacy and personal “freedom”, it will become revealed overtime that with the investment of one freedom comes the pay-off of one greater. People were petrified – and still are – to put their computers onto the world wide web until someone programmed the firewall. So while RFID chips are scary and have many, many questions that must be answered, (hey, you can always move to some remote mountain in the Himalayas) the fact remains that tomorrow will be far greater in human advancement than we can possibly imagine today.

And the one who will be paid tomorrow is the entrepreneur who has the vision to see these opportunities today!


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