Isn’t it interesting

There are many fascinating occurrences in our markets. Call them coincidences or downright obvious, they each nevertheless deserve attention in their own right.

Isn’t it interesting that…

…Platinum which just a few months ago sold at a 100% premium to, now sells at par with Gold.

…While almost all agree that stocks will do very well in coming years, they nevertheless refuse to buy heavy.

…The paper and physical markets for precious metal are so out of whack yet most mainstream media sources barely mention them at all.

…While you’d think that paper silver (SLV) would be more liquid than physical metal – it is exactly the opposite!

…Yields for 3-month Treasuries fell below zero meaning people are willing to pay extra money just for the Government to secure those same Dollars!

…The markets are completely factoring out inflation and betting on a 11% deflation over the next 12 months! Not surprisingly commodities are rising.

…Just as the Government and Fed pumping trillions into the economy to save it from imminent collapse, comes a mere $50 billion “Ponzi” scheme and sets the whole scene back a notch!

…Gold stocks which plunged long before the metal are now surging as many expect gold to rise significantly, and the Dollar to fall, or at least stabilize.

…$40 oil – which almost all analysts considered the line between cheap and scarce supply – has held extraordinarily well!

It’s one crazy market!


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