Silver Shortage!

There, I said it. I now join the minion of others who are convinced that the paper market no longer exemplifies the physical market. There is a “disconnect” and it’s widening. If I find silver at this foolish low price I may alter my opinion but for now I am convinced.

In three sentences…

“When the price of silver, or other precious metals, drops to a low position, everyone who has been waiting to purchase comes in and buys. Whatever silver or gold is in inventory is quickly depleted – not just in our reserves, but also in those of our suppliers. Ultimately, this reduction in supply increases demand, and will eventually increase prices.”

And two articles…

Now for the record: A silver shortage does not mean that there is no silver available, nor does it imply a mean a long-term delivery gap. It simply means that much of the silver (particularly smaller denominations) has been bought off the market and will only return (either from hoarders, refiners or mines) with higher prices.

The show is about to begin. Please find your silver!


Here are a list of references you can call to try and buy silver. Good luck find any!

eBay (the last free market)

List of 4000 coin shops across the U.S.

The man who made that list is “out of silver”.

Bill Haynes at Certified Mint Inc.
Call 602-234-2300


The largest refiner in the U.S., Johnson Matthey, has 8-10 weeks delay (shortage) of 100 oz. bars. But there are refiners all over the world. Try Mexico, or Poland, or China if you are desperate.

Many nations around the world do not have the network of coin shops as exists in the U.S.

So, if you cannot find a coin shop, try a jeweler. Ask them for their industrial supplier.

Also, look up “industrial silver suppliers” in the phone books or on the internet.


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