Gotta’ Love the Poems

…and some thoughts on your future.

Dr. Suess talking SIVs, and “Sell in May, Go Away”. Just adds a tad more humor to our market conquering quests.

So here’s one from Howard Katz at The Gold Bug

Oh, economics makes no sense
There’s no consumer confidence.
The papers say, “Thing getting worse,”
Which makes us want to shout and curse.

The energies are on the rise.
Today they’re going to new highs
If gasoline should get to four
The people won’t buy any more.

Yes all you people make a fuss.
It’s time for you to take the bus.
We’re paying far too much for gas,
And we’re not taking any sass.

Economists have set the mood.
The whole darn world is short of food.
The people all are crying, “more”
It’s what is known as being poor.

And Alan Greenspan, time to say.
We wonder why you’ve gone away.
Because you are concerned with fame
You won’t admit that you’re to blame.

…now onto the markets… Oil top? Who knows, but its falling so don’t fight the trend… Gold? Buy some… Silver? Buy a lot… Comparing precious metals and stocks is much like comparing the 70s to the 90s. They have just about nothing in common… meanwhile, the HUI looks attractive… My favorite short play was Countrywide, then it was Bear Sterns, now its JPM. If derivatives are ammunition and Bear Sterns owns them and JPM is buying them, you don’t want to have much to do with either of them… JPY may be set to rally as the credit crunching resumes… The DJIA (and company) are ready to slide anything above 12,500 is the last shorting op you’ll have… Commodities can be a tough analysis but there is still money to be made, particularly in Meats and Softs. Sugar is looking awfully sweet and Lumber is building steam.

…talking to a trader the other day I was being explained the key to financial euphoria “You only have to make a few good trades and then do what you enjoy most!”. I think he’s right and that’s what we try to do here. Think, achieve, retire. We like it. Warren Buffett loves buying companies, Aussies love surfing and some people just can’t get enough of doing nothing. Whether you’re goal is to live comfortably on a beach estate in Iceland or change the world on a grand scale – you gotta have long-term income. But never should your working to live take away from your living!

“Se laisser vivre” say the French. Live for the day, take life as it comes!


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