We have been quoted on hedgefundpronetwork.com. On the left hand side you can see a quote under the heading entitled “Given the increase in the volume of Hedge Funds, are spreads and opportunities being erroded too far?”

Here is the quote in full

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“All things excellent are as difficult as they are rare” (Abraão de Spinoza)

Naturally as the techniques and occult methods of the hedge fund community become more and more pervasive throughout the speculating community the yields once available to even the least talented hedge fund manager will continue to diminish.

Like the Mutual Fund in its hayday hedge funds will most likely meet mediocrity. With as many funds as there are stocks high flying returns we have seen are due to recess, at least for the conventional ones.

The constant and even increasing rates of return are handed to those who rely on their own methods and not on the common “systems” used by the market. There is good reason why people like Warren Buffet and Jim Chanos (there’s a man with a head) will always beat the market.

Thanks Nothmar Noriel for your input.


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