The Audacity of the Patient Investor

I believe someone by the name of Peter Schiff has just earned my financial respect, not merely for his fundamental economic stance that he portrays but moreover by the strength and confidence he adds to it amidst a full fledge bull market (notice the Dow at 13,500, Oil at 71 and Gold at 660). This following clip is from July 2007. Enjoy! (it’s a 10 minute piece so feel free to skip to the near end – always more exciting).



Just some more CNBC comic relief for you… while I was listening on XM (for my utter pleasure, enjoyment or otherwise contrarian viewpoints) they were interviewing a CEO of a major financial firm. One woman asked “So how do you see things in the long-term… say the next 1-2 years?”. So, deliberately or not, he responds “Well, we don’t like to ponder on the day to day movement of markets”

Good times!



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