What a country! Been here for 10 days (finding internet was tricky so I strictly checked just my email) and will be here for another week. Again sorry about the lack of updates. However may I note that just about every one of my articles speaks for itself. Have you seen the headlines recently?

A few things I’d like to note…

It seems that by now the analysts on Wall Street have finally caught on that the storm is approaching and it won’t be a light rain. It’s important to understand that in economics an item is discounted in sentiment before its realized in reality. This means that if there’s a good chance its going to break it will sell for cheaper. Hence, Wall Street is only beginning to discount that which will come not that which already has.

Furthermore, so called “investors”, who are actually traders, some of which I still hold in high regard, seem to reason that the recent volatility is a buying opportunity. I wonder if these same money men were seeking bargains after September 11th – the equation now being used. If you recall that was merely the beginning. Markets fell well into 2003.

Then you have the Precious Metals Bulls-suddenly-turned-Bears. And these people call themselves investors? Nough said. As Jessy Livermore’s old friend told him “In a Bull Market we buy”. If your having trouble buying into a rally, that’s what corrections are for. But to sell out is not only cowardly, but downright stupid.

Can’t wait to see what the U.S. Markets do on Tuesday!


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