Posting Update

As you can tell, posts have been very light in recent weeks. Posts should continue streaming at full force towards the end of September.

This is primarily due to the fact that fundamentally little has changed in the recent past. Incremental increases in the precious metals, perfectly correlated with incremental declines in the dollar, the Fed meeting next week, Bank announcements and a number of various factors leave me far more intrigued than informed. As we say “Time will tell”.

The Gold continues to show good strength, as silver trails closely behind. Silver’s underperformance should be viewed only as a rare buying opportunity as it still suffers some negative sentiment from the selloff some weeks ago. At some point silver will move explosively, stronger so than gold.

As for the Economy, we continue to believe that risk is largely undervalued and the fact that Wall Street seems to disagree with our viewpoint only enhances our evaluation.


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