Sentimental Thoughts…

When IBD says that the Rally may be over, how many of its 200,000 subscribers are actually cashing out?

Reasons for a sharp-150-point rally on Wednesday: First day of the month buying, short covering, trading errors, technical indicators. Reasons for the same thing Thursday anybody?

Jason Hummel predicts $8000 silver in the next 15 years. But wouldn’t industrial buying slack off as the price evaluates the differential between demand to supply?

Stocks tallied back and forth for months before the Crash of 1929 after completing their highs. What makes this time different?

The so-smarts don’t seem all that smart anymore.

Friday Funnies

From Fark: Bally Total Fitness files Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In related news, McDonald’s posted record profits this quarter

“Reality is a crutch for people who can’t cope with drugs”

Lily Tomlin

I had a great laugh today when I read a BS chart telling me that stocks were overvalued in 1982! I’ll tear that apart for you on Sunday.


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