Questions for Mr. Market

Is this the beginning of a multi-year Bear Market?

If No… (Bull-continuum)

Are we going to see a continued trend with further highs (consider it) or sideways motions (forget it)?

If continued trend, will this be a sacrifice on the dollar (get out) or a genuine rally (buying op)?

If its a genuine rally will the rally be in line with previous profits (strong economy) or will it be primarily speculative (hopeful economy)?

If it remains healthy, will we have the opportunity to buy at better valuations?

If it becomes speculative, will we increase our short positions in preparation for a larger decline?

If Yes… (Bear-reversal)

Will there be a bounce this week before heading lower (cover shorts) or will this week see continued selling (hold shorts)?

If the markets head lower, will their fall be relative to the dollar (wait to buy gold) or will it be beneficial for the dollar (buy)?

If the fall is relative to the dollar, will it break key support or not?

If the economy heads into recession by year end, will this put downward pressure on the commodities (deflation) or will we see a panic into physical goods (inflation)?

If the dollar breaks below 80 and the economy freezes, will the Fed lower interest rates (inflation)?

If the Fed does lower, will this have a negative impact on the future in the event the economy continues to worsen?

If the dollar breaks below 80 and the economy heads into recession and interest rates don’t fall, could gold still outperform the dollar?

If gold does not outperform due to lack of investor interest, may silver nevertheless outperform gold?


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