Random Thoughts

Many companies have been announcing disappointing with earnings. I wonder if that’s due to the industry’s “unexpected” turbulence (1970s) or investors irrational expectations (1930s).

No big surprises from the Existing Home Sales numbers this morning.

What the hell happened to risk?

Isn’t it interesting that President L. B. Johnson’s War on Poverty as well as his War in Vietnam were both lost?

Have you ever considered the AFBIX to play this Inflation/Deflation wind down?

CNN Money writes about big bank bargains while Steve Sjuggerud is writing about Regional Bank bargains. I wonder who is going to secure larger profits?

Is Corporate Cash-Flow just as much a threat to liquidity and a dollar sell-off from China or Japan is?

If you are a long-term investor trying to rationalize the current market may I inform you that you will go mad…

Example: Gold may tank in the event of recession. So maybe sell gold? …but then you are betting on a stronger dollar, yet that may tank as well. If you bet on anything of subtsantial monetary increase the Fed may flush the system with liquidity wiping out your real returns with inflation. Now mind you, if stocks decline further than the precious metals then you still come out on top. Then again, gold may not fall at all… even if it does it will be back)…. Get it?

…yes gold is down this morning.


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