Thoughts to Ponder…

The Long-Term
There are about 2 billion shares traded a day on the NYSE, being implemented, analyzed and executed for 300 million Americans, by hundreds of institutions and over 9000 hedge funds. But not everyone trades every day. As a matter of fact, many will trade only once every few months and even then just for the sake of rebalancing their long term holdings. It’s not often that any large investment manager will make any major portfolio adjustments.

But every once in a while they do. And it is precisely these occurrences which make many small investors wealthy. All they have to do is position themselves right and wait for the dam to break. This is why the only way to beat the street is to invest for tomorrow while everyone else worries about today.

Sure stocks 30 years from now will be substantially higher, the credit mess will get cleaned up and gold will have performed a nice show. But today, all Wall Street cares about it that 0.2% decrease in the PPI and a 20 point increase in the Dow.

Just remember, a 100 points on the Dow never made a man wealthy.



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