I Can’t Help But Wonder…

Ford Reconsiders Electric Car“. It still amazes me how such large and (once) dominant corporations miss the greatest opportunities. Bill Gates predicted that one day we’ll be selling music online, but then lost the market to Apple’s iTunes. Where have they been?

Funny how when you buy value while dollar-cost-averaging you want whatever it is you are buying to go up and down at the same time. Better to trust your instincts that your purchase is correct and just keep buying for as low as possible.

It’s not inflation and deflation of assets that makes things so complicated. It’s the dollar. So you might as well just get rid of the dollar altogether and only deal with real inflation, no?

With all the hype surrounding Apple and no pizazz whatsoever involving Microsoft, wouldn’t a spread between the two stocks sound like a good idea?

Will this bubble slowly deflate like a bad tire, or will it pop like “OMG WTF just happened to all my money!”?

Will silver be following suit with nickel, when large institutions attempted to corner the market through hoarding the metal and watching prices rise as demand was not met? If it is, “Watch out longs”.


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