My Thoughts on Green$pan

There is much discussion recently as to if Alan Greenspan’s warnings of a U.S. Recession and a Crash in Chinese equities are in order. Some say he is never right, while others claim he always is… eventually. He cried “Irrational Exuberance” in 1997, almost 3 years before the Tech bubble burst, when he began raising interest rates. He warned about an over speculation in housing in 2004 before raising Interest rates again, as we have yet to see any significant drop in housing prices (no, a 2% drop doesn’t count according to history’s standards).

My opinion is that one must understand that there is vast ground between the turf of an economist, an investor and a businessman.

The Economist makes his living knowing what should be.
The Investor acts upon knowing what will be.
And The Businessman shouldn’t give a damn about either one.



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