Your “1900” Dinner Menu

In 1900 the average income was $438 a year, about $1.33 a day. Henry Ford actually paid some of his workers developing the T-Model over $5 a day. A fortune at the time. A washing machine would cost you $4.65 and a bike $16.75.

The Silver Dollar was worth 65¢ intrinsically – more than enough to buy yourself a good meal. Bear in mind that an ounce of gold would cost $20.68 – an amount today that would barely get you past the entrée and dessert at your favorite restaurant.

Now, on to dinner… (no, its not all Kosher)

Main Course
Channel Catfish 20¢
Omelet with Jelly 15¢
Chicken Fricassee 20¢
Roast Beef 15¢
Pork and Beans 15¢

Corn on the Cob 10¢
Buttered Beets 5¢
Mashed Potatoes 5¢
Pickled Beets 5¢
Cole Slaw 5¢
Salad 10¢

Lemon Layer Cake 5¢
Ice Cream 10¢
Ice Cream and Cake 15¢
Raspberries and Cream 10¢
Rhubarb Pie 5¢
Green Apple Pie 5¢

Coffee 5¢
Milk 5¢
Tea 5¢
Buttermilk 5¢

Quite interesting…



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