Yes, bells do ring at bottoms too!

Just as I was getting ready for some discreet action in the Japanese Real Estate market… comes Marketwatch and boldly spoils the party for the contrarians…

Hot property for U.S. investors

EverBank is now offering CD accounts that will mimick returns of that given by the Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Index. “Real estate has been depressed in Japan dating from the 1990s until now,” notes New York financial planner Lewis J. Altfest. “For the first time, the index of property has turned up. In particular, Tokyo has done well. Other parts of the country have lagged Tokyo”.

There are many strings attached (i.e., no dividends, limited returns, alotted time). This one is just another of the many “Give-us-your-money-so-we-can-make-a-killing-with-it-ourselves” schemes.

But it still doesn’t make the coming profits any less substantiated or the fundamentals aligned with this market any less true. Just pointing out that bells ring all day, even at rock bottoms.


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