Here are the headlines that stood out
Comments compliments of yours truly.

I’m not sure what many of you are making of the news (of course I may be coming more bearish ever since I went short the market) but what I see is a perfect storm brewing.

“Stop all the fretting: The U.S. consumer is not going to collapse anytime soon. Most likely, she never will”. They even counter with what should have been my line, “Those folks need to raise their window shades and look outside, because there is much to be optimistic about”.

Isn’t it interesting how when Hulbert sees high interest in gold its contrarily bad but when he sees optimistic views on stocks it remains good?

And besides for Americans trying to maintain their lavish lifestyles they are also led to believe they are getting richer. Now I understand.

Economy is crawling, stocks are resilient. Sound familiar?

Did anyone notice Uranium making its way onto Marketwatch… and the NYMEX?

Did you know that a study has been released in India claiming that silver is is not harmful to the human body and may be consumed?

So what will replace the unwarranted optimism in stocks? Well, this just might.

The man entrusted with Dick Cheney’s money says we are living in a worldwide bubble.

Buffett thinking about Tech Stocks?

As Bob Dylan once put it: “Freedom? Just around the corner from you. But with Truth so far off, what good will it do?”

Now, get ready for some technically sentimental analysis…

Yesterday, Friday, April 28th, marked exactly 100 years since the Panic of 1907, 75 years since the 1932 Low and the 20th Anniversary of the 1987 Crash. Its also been 10 years since the East Asian financial crisis.

Today marks 65 years since the 1942 low, on which the Dow bottomed out at 92.92 points. (Which for the record was 2.87 ounces of gold).

The Dow has now risen 19 of the last 21 trading days. This has happneded only once since 1928! The S&P 500 has also been up 18 of 20. It happened on both September 28th and 29th of 1954, again on July 8th and 11th of 1955 and it happened for 4 consecutive trading days, July 3, 5, 6, and 8 – in guess what year? 1929!


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