Amid the sadness here are some stories you may or may not have seen…

Reuters – “One Million families with net worth over $5 Million”. Can I hear you say affluent?


Marketwatch – “One million subprime borrowers face large payment resets this year, and another 800,000 will next year, FDIC has said“. But don’t worry. During the Great Depression over 75% of our nation had a job!

AP – “British Pound Breaks Through $2 for First Time in Nearly 15 Years”. Duh!

SilverSeek – So is the Silver Market manipulated? Ted Butler gives his two ounces.

Tomorrow will be a very important test for those looking at the general market. After the 3% correction we had in late February the Dow now stands just below its all-time highs. A break to the upside should calm many fears and may send the Dow over 13,000 (I’m hoping for this together with Peter Grandich as it may hand us a very nice shorting opportunity).

Gold is also racing up to its 25-year highs it broke in April last year. There is string resistance at $690 and then again at $710. A break above will most probably send gold all the way to $800, its all-time high, while a jerk downward would probably continue till the $600 support line.



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