What would you do if you had a million dollars to invest?

Well at Marketocracy you could decide just that. In a stock-portfolio-fantasy you are given $1 Million dollars to invest at your disposal. Users with membership receive additional features. Marketocracy selects the traders with the best returns for their M100, a group designated to work for the company. Smart way to hire, no? These investors outperform almost every single stock index on the market.

I recently came across an article explaining where these traders are “putting their dough”.

Here are their bets for 2007: Click here for full article

Guru Buys

Goldcorp (nyse: GG)

Coeur d’Alene Mines (nyse: CDE)

Schlumberger (nyse: SLB)

Baker Hughes (nasdaq: BHI)

Google (nasdaq: GOOG)

Guru Sells

Limited Brands (nyse: LTD)

Kohl’s (nyse: KSS)

Lowe’s Companies (nyse: LOW)

General Motors (nyse: GM)

Harley-Davidson (nyse: HOG)

It would seem that there is an extreme caution due to an over valuation in many sectors. In addition to that many seems to find an even more significant upside sectors such as precious metals and oil related industries, dumping many struggling retailers. I would question their continued optimism on Google – currently selling at 57 times trailing earnings – but who knows better?

Ive been following Marketocracy’s finest for over a year now. They don’t seem like the doom and gloom crowd so when they say that their putting their holdings – albeit “virtual” into the safest sectors I think it warrants a reconsidered sense of caution in the mind of investor’s sentiment.


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