Quote of the Day
Wonderful lines to ponder.

The trouble with waiting and seeing is that you can’t only wait and see.
You also have to do something. You can’t stop breathing. You can’t stop
eating. And you can’t stop investing. There is no such thing as suspended
animation when it comes to your money; no such place as nowhere in the
financial world. Every minute of every day…for every asset class…you
are either long or you are short. Either you own it, or you don’t own it.
Of course, you can be leveraged or unleveraged too…but that is merely a
measure of how bad the damage will be if you are wrong. If you don’t own
Google, for example, you will lose potential earnings if it goes up. And
if it goes down, relative to the rest of the world – which includes Google
holders – you will be ahead of the game.”

– The Daily Reckoning


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