These always enthuse me.
This was a sentimental analysis done recently as to the optimism and concern regarding a variety of investments, including Real Estate, Mutual Funds, etc.
Note where Gold stands on the list. I know many people who even sold their gold – position #9 (probably that which they were saving since 1980) to put it into none other than… the #1 on the list – Real Estate.
Since this article I’m sure things have changed a bit. The Media, as well as the Fed, have begun to refute the mere “slowdown” theory. Mutual Funds, or more particularly Hedge Funds, have come under lots of pressure in the derivatives markets recently.
However, I still haven’t seen a flush of new cash in anything other than the stock market which as you can tell is balancing itself on only one thing… No Bad News – probably the only thing that may put some people back into category #10 – Wouldn’t invest it.
Bonds for many don’t look that impressive especially with so many speculations as to what the Fed will (not) do with Interest Rates.
Many seem to be holding cash as a safe keep – although they might be better off using it to pay off their mortgages and credit cards.
6% appear to be confused as to what they should do at all with their money, and the 7% who say to diversify don’t seem to argue.
That I would assume that Gold means commodities, and that it includes silver as well (the “poor man’s Gold”). But one thing this chart does tell me is that anything over a 10% interest in now, I’m simply not interested in.
In regard to those 8% who are looking for “other” ways to invest, seems they’re looking more optimistic towards foreign ventures, like Steve Sjuggerud’s picks: Icelandic Bonds, Collectibles and Japanese Real Estate.


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