Why You must be a Raging Bull and a Prudent Bear
In a good game of anything you need two parts of a team. Lets use Football. Everyone knows “a good defense is a good offense”. You need a good Quarterback the same way you need guys who can run downs and defend.

Everything in modern society needs two sides as well. In sports its the offense and the defense. In Law Prosecutor and Defendant. In Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Malpractice. In politics, Democrats and Republicans. A joke, wit and truth. Contrast, black and white.

In economics its the Bulls and the Bears.

Many will say they work against each other. I say they work with each other, trading each others good for another’s bad. Buying and selling, balancing and stabilizing, going long and going short, booming and correcting. By all means its probably the way it should be. When one is Bull the stock Market, he is being Bear on commodities and cash. When one is Bear on the economy he is Bull on gold or on foreign currency (or maybe on a plane ticket to China).

If “after winter comes summer”, why should any sequence in economics prove that wrong. If “what goes up must come down” is believed to be true (on earth we’re talking), then I see no reason to believe why people even expect them to stay afloat a short while longer then they should or are accustomed to.

At some point we’re all bull and bear. I think that we must all have the means and rationale to vote Red one year and Blue another. Its what makes us realists. To say that this nation is doomed forever is bold, but to say it can’t descend (for lack of a better word) is also naive.

If “The American Way” is not currently at the peak of society I wouldn’t know what could be. If right now all we had was substantial solid growth I think we can all live with that. And gratefully as well. We’ve watched all the Sci-Fi movies we have an idea of whats coming. A virtual world, an inter-connected universe, maybe even time travel, who knows, but all possibilities have at least been unleashed. Its within our logical minds of how these things are or aren’t possible.

But we must take everything with a grain of salt. Sometimes we see the peak, but we must cross a deep valley or strong storm to encounter it.

I’m a Bull. I believe in our society and in its future. I’m Bull on the strength of our will-power and on the endurance we have to achieve anything we set our minds to. Anything one man dreams can become another man’s reality.

But I must admit that I am Bear the fantasy that things that are mighty can remain strong forever and that one nation can constantly disagree with reality and the laws of economics and at the same time shield off the mere possibility of severe monetary loss that may come its way.


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  1. Barry Ritholtz Says:

    Nicely done!

    As I like to say, if there wasn’t a Bull (or Bear), who would take the opposite side of your trade?

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